denille e.o. designs Interview with Kate Jones

I recently had an interview with Kate Jones of Om Shanti Handcrafts. Check it out!

“Denille runs Denille E.O. Designs, featuring awesome painted wooden pendants, jewelry, and art. Some of her pendants are sold solo, ready to be strung from a chain of your choice and worn; others she makes into bookmarks, purse clips, and even wine charms.

I interviewed her a while ago, and here’s what she had to say:

Why wood?

I experimented with different materials for the pendants, but had the best outcome with wood. I just like the effect on wood created by the transfer process I use.

Tell me about the experimentation — I’m especially interested in the way you think about your process and the materials you use.

When I first decided I wanted to “make” stuff to sell, I didn’t yet know what that would be so I just played with all kinds of materials. For example, I experimented with clay, fabric, thread, different papers, lots of paint, pretty much anything you can find at a craft store. Finally, I started messing with wood, and it looked the best with my transfer process.

It just felt right…does that make sense??” Read More…

denille e.o. designs in the News!

I recently had an interview with Melissa R. Garrett of Root and Sprout about my business, denille e.o. designs. Check it out!

Art teacher and website designer Denille E. Obermeyer decided she just wasn’t busy enough, so she used her degree in Fine Arts to establish denille e.o. designs, an online boutique specializing in handmade wooden pendants and accessories.

Denille combines her love of digital design and painting to create wearable art that is both beautiful and affordable, and she prides herself on crafting high-quality pieces that are unlike anything you might find in a sterile big-box retailer.

Denille transfers her original designs to small wooden pendants (1.25 in. x 1.25 in. x 1 cm), which she then coats with resin to produce a shiny and durable finish. Although her current bestseller is the pendant, Denille also offers bookmarks, paintings, and accessories. Read full article…
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So what’s this Etsy thing all about??

Basically, it’s an online shop full of thousands of other little shops. Artists, designers, and crafters alike are able to create a place to sell their work. In other words, it’s a GIGANTIC craft and art fair. Etsy’s simple vision is to “enable people to make a living making things.”

It’s a beautiful idea really, because it not only allows those of us who have that little desire inside to “create” able to share our work with the world, but also sell those items to people who appreciate our hard work and talent.

Etsy was even in the news recently, as its beginnings and quick success is interesting!

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Denille E. O. Designs

I am Denille E. O. Designs, and love to create beautiful things!

Currently, I’m passionate about painting/drawing and making my unique porcelain pendants. I also enjoy making rings, beaded head bands, and anything ceramic.

Simply creating beauty that others can appreciate is what gives me the most joy and satisfaction.

I hope to not only become more involved in the design community, but also to support my fellow artists!