Why Eli Stone is a GREAT Show

I am a huge TV fan. It just makes me happy. And I’d say I’m fairly open to several types of shows. For example, I love LOST, House, The Office, Monk, Psych, Arrested Development, and even good ol’ Dharma and Greg.

One night after another great episode of LOST, we just decided to keep the TV on (something that happens regularly in our home. Remember we love TV…). It was the night Eli Stone was premiering, which we were well informed about thanks to the never-ending previews that included the oh-so-catchy George Michael song (you know which one I’m talking about…I have faith that you do)!

Anyway, I wasn’t all too interested in watching this new show, since we already have TOO many to love, but again the TV was just on, and so soon we were sucked into the story. We watched the entire episode and decided it was fantastic. It had tugged on our heart-strings, made us laugh, oh…and we had that song stuck in our heads all night!

So here we are nearing the season finale (BOO HOO!), and what do I have to say about Eli Stone?? WOW! But Why? At first glance it just appears to be another silly show like the old Ally McBeal, or maybe one of those annoying and complicated court shows. But it’s so much more than that!

Yes, I admit it is quirky, but that’s one of the reasons I love it. It’s painful to watch when Eli is sucked into another one of his “visions”, and later finds himself acting like an idiot in front of co-workers. Or the fact that at first we didn’t know who he was going to end up with (and I guess we really still don’t know, but all we can do is hope it’s cute Maggie, right???). I mean, who doesn’t love sexual tension???

What about the unique and complicated relationship between Eli and his boss, Jordan?? You know Jordan cares for Eli, but he also loves his daughter, which only creates more tension. And Eli looks to Jordan as a father-figure since his own dad is dead.

Plus, I love the connections to the Bible and Christianity. It’s just an all-around clever show, that I’m always looking forward to watching! I can only hope that they will not end it here. We can pray for another season. And we’ve got to have faith that Eli Stone will continue to warm the hearts of other fellow TV-lovers so we can look forward to many more outbursts of song and dance with him!

On that note… Is there anyone out there who knows IF Eli Stone will be coming back next season??!