Whose Your Mommy? – FREE GIFT for you!

Get a couple elegant gifts for mom this year AND get one for YOU, too!

Buy ANY 2 items in my shop (can be ribbon bookmarks OR pendants) and you’ll get 1 FREE! Items do not have to be in the same category.

Just send me a message with “Whose Your Mommy?” in the subject line, and include your item picks. I’ll place them in the Reserved orders just for you.

Happy Mother’s Day shopping!

Denille e.o. Designs

Bookish Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day AND Giveaway!

Check out this fun gift guide for Mother’s Day. It’s on May 8TH this year!! Yikes! Are you ready!??! If not, this guide might be able to give you some handy ideas AND you might just win some gifts for mom, too. :o)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide from I Heart Monster

Oh…and Denille e.o. Designs is also featured on this gift-guide, so I felt I needed to share. Remember: ribbon bookmarks AND glass pendants really DO make for great gifts for mom this year!

Denille e.o. Designs : Great Gifts for Mom